Pushing Boundaries, Driving Progress.

Empowering businesses and individuals in the animal sector to drive innovation and progress through the utilization of technology and data, while fostering a community of like-minded individuals to push the boundaries of what is possible and improve the status quo.

Whether you're a business owner, technology expert, or data analyst, Alta welcomes anyone with an interest in doing things right and making a positive impact on the animal sector.

Our Trusted Clients.

"Empowering animal industry innovation through community and technology"



Tech & Data


What we do.


Consulting, Trade & Market Access.

Consulting, Trade & Market Access.

At Alta, our community approach empowers companies to tap into the collective knowledge and resources of our members and to find solutions, to access new markets, deal with trade issues, or find potential business partners.

When the challenges are more complex, our team is here to provide expert consultancy services with a practical, solution-focused approach.


Market Insights and Analysis.

Market Insights and Analysis.

At Alta, we stay informed and provide up-to-date insights and market values through our regional staff and collaboration with key industry leaders.

We are constantly seeking out contributors to our network. If you would like to contribute information and insights, please reach out to us, and we will give credit for your contributions.


Ecosystem Solution Marketplace.

Ecosystem Solution Marketplace.

At Alta, we are expanding our marketplace within our partner ecosystem - our community. If you're looking for hardware, software, or training solutions for your business, you can browse our offerings within the community or ask us to find an answer inside or outside the community.

If you have a product or solution to offer, please let us know, and we can discuss how to add it to our community. While there are no mandatory fees, we do expect our members to actively contribute to the community.


BlueSky Tech.

BlueSky Tech.

At Alta, we are excited about the future of Agtech and are collaborating with venture funds to support innovative ideas.

Currently, we have several exciting projects in EdTech and Livestock Biometric Identification that we are excited to be a part of.


Grants and Partnership Portal.

At Alta, our community approach not only empowers you to find solutions to market access issues and potential business partners, but also gives you access to partnership opportunities.

Our pinboard features current grant opportunities for consultants, solution providers, and commercial companies.

Additionally, members can post requests for collaboration with like-minded partners.


Social Enterprise
(Giving Back).

Alta partners with IMPETUS to improve animal welfare in Asian abattoirs through novel, scalable investments.

This is our chance to invest in things that are aligned to our personal values. But still done in the Alta mindset of breaking down the barriers inherent in the existing NGO / Charity structures.