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Pushing Boundaries, Driving Progress

"Empowering animal industry Innovation through Community and Technology"

The ALTA community brings together any business or individual from the livestock or livestock products sector who are innovative, technology minded, and data driven.

We are analysts, technology advocates, change agents, and blue sky thinkers. We represent social enterprises, large corporations, and industry representative groups.

Most importantly, we are about change.

Forward Thinking

Individuals that want to make an impact

Addicted to innovation and progress

No room for compromise here

Data and Technology

...The gateway to change

Willing to challenge

We are all about pushing boundaries and the disrupting the status quo

Who We Are

Old Globe

Consulting, Trade & Market Access

The community approach allows companies to leverage from the ecosystem network to find solutions to simple market access problems or potential business partners.

When the problem is too large or there is a desire to have specialist insights the Alta team can provide traditional consultancy services with a practical solution focus.


Market Insights and Analysis


We use our regional staff and communication with key industry leaders to provide up to date insights and market values for both the current market and anticipated market.

We are always looking for contributors to this network. Please reach out if you would like credit for contributing information and insights back into the group.

Who We Are

Food Market

Solution Marketplace

We are growing our marketplace within the partner ecosystem - our community.
If you are looking for a hardware or software solution for your business then you can browse those on the community. Or ask us to find you an answer inside or outside the community.

If you have a product or solution then please let us know and we can discuss how to add you to the community. There are no obligatory fees but we expect you to contribute to the community.

Blue Sky

Bluesky Tech

ALTA is excited about he future of Agtech and are working with several venture funds to find ways to fund your out-of-the-box idea.

We already have some projects in EdTech and Livestock biometric Identification that we are excited about.

Statue with Bitcoin Glasses

Grants and Partnerships Portal

We want all the grants in one place.

But more than that we want to disrupt the way grants are developed and awarded.

Helping Hands

Social Enterprise
(Giving Back)

ALTA has partnered with IMPETUS Animal Welfare which is a social enterprise organization that aims to prevent or alleviate the suffering of animals.

A key focus for IMPETUS is in Asian abattoirs (facilities where animals are slaughtered for meat production).

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